Friday, January 30

Why Wells?

Did you know that every fifteen seconds a child dies from a water related disease? Or that at any given time, half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering from a water related disease? According to OXFAM, an organization seeking to fight poverty and injustice, sickness caused by unclean water will claim the lives of 4,000 children in the next 24 hours. (

The water crisis is not only something affecting health, but also the rest of culture. It affects hunger, as crops need water to grow; it affects poverty, as poor health leads to poor productivity. It causes a lack of education, as sick students cannot go to school, and then move on to adequate jobs. Much valuable time each day is spent looking for clean water, and therefore not enough time is given to improving the community and preparing for the future. Communities remain in poverty because they are not healthy enough to break the cycle. (

Building a well for a community in Uganda will have a long reaching impact, touching the lives of many people. If clean water is available, health can improve and productivity can rise. This is a vital project!