Saturday, February 14

The First Lady of Uganda

Our team is going to have the incredibly unique priviledge of meeting with the First Lady while we are in Uganda. Janet Kataha Museveni has been the First Lady of Uganda since 1986 when her husband, Yoweri Museveni came into presidency. She is a born again Christian, which is clearly evident in the ways in which she has served her country. She formed the Uganda Women's Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO), and has also been working hard to promote abstinece among youth in order to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS. Since beginning her campaign to fight HIV/AIDS, the nation's percentage of those infected by HIV/AIDS has so dramatically decreased that other countries have invited her to campaign in their countries as well.

Please be praying for the First Lady, that God would grant her wisdom and peace within the leadership role He has given her. Also pray that she can lead from a place of humility and that God will receive the glory from all the work he is doing through her. And lastly, please for the success of her campaign to raise money for wells for her country. Pray that people would be touched to give and that the campaign would positively impact the lives of many in her country.