Tuesday, March 3

Three Days and Counting!

I sit here amazed and in awe of what the Lord has done these past few weeks. Our team has encountered so many generous people, and seen things happen that we never expected. We have hosted two fund raising dinners on our campus and collected donations from the student body. It is so encouraging to see the support of our peers and fellow students as we prepare for this trip. We have received donations from our Bible Studies and small groups, Sunday School classes and youth groups, coworkers, friends, relatives, neighbors and even strangers. I think I speak for the whole team when I say that we have been incredibly overwhelmed by the love and encouragement from you all. THANK YOU for what you have done. For the financial gifts that are making the well a reality. For the prayer as details have been put together and preparations finalized. And for the hugs, the words of excitement and encouragement, and overall the love and support of you, the body of Christ.

Our flight leaves Friday night at 7 pm. We will be flying overnight and will spend Saturday on a 10 hour layover in Amsterdam. After that we fly overnight again with one more short layover, and after 29 hours of traveling we'll arrive in Uganda late Sunday morning. I cannot put into words how excited we are, and how much we are looking forward to this. Every time we pass each other in the halls on the way to classes, or send an email with another question about packing or an update about finances, we all squeal with delight and get these huge smiles that just won't go away. This is going to be the trip of a lifetime and we are all overflowing with anticipation and gratitude for the opportunity.

Please be praying for us these last few days before we leave. Many of us have midterms this week as well as jobs. Please pray that we would be able to finish this week of school strong, that we would not be overwhelmed and exhausted as we try to get everything done. Pray that the remaining funds would come in for the well. And please pray for our hearts, that we would be prepared mentally, emotionally and spiritually for what God has for us. Pray that we will leave on Friday with eyes to see what the Lord has to show us, and wisdom in regards to how to respond, and what our part is.

Thank you again for your support these past several weeks and months. Once we are in Uganda we should be updating this site daily, so be sure to check back for pictures, stories, and details about what we're doing, who we're meeting, and what God does on this exciting trip!!!