Sunday, February 15

Excited For The Trip!

Some thoughts about the trip, written by Pam MacRae (director of Women's Ministries at MBI and a leader of this trip):

I am very excited about what God is doing in setting up this trip for us. We will see firsthand the needs of women in Uganda, having access to people of influence both in the church and in the political world. My expectation and prayer is that God will give us information that will stir our spirits and challenge us to see new ways we can serve Him. I am asking God to help us not miss anything He has for us! I want to come back with a renewed vision of what it looks like to help needy women. How can women help women is my question. We need prayer for the team, our schedule, our travel, safety, and provision not only for the trip – but also the well project. We did not want to come empty handed to a people with many needs and ask them to help us in our goals. We were challenged to raise money for a well because the very basic need for clean water is a struggle that impacts the lives of women in particular. Women often provide for their families in circumstances that make access to clean water nearly impossible. If we can give money for a well we can affect the lives of an entire village. That is a lot of people!! We are excited to have this opportunity. It is a walk of faith for us to see God provide that amount of money!