Thursday, February 12

Location of the Well!!!

The well for which we are raising funds will be built in the county of Ruhaama Uganda. It's a real place with real people and real needs! Some information about the area:

The Ruhaama county is located within the Ntungamo district, in the very southwest region of the country of Uganda. The southern side of the Ruhaama county directly borders the country of Rwanda ( The district as a whole has a population of approximately 410,000 people. The majority of the population (about 98.9%) stays within the rural areas of the district and depends on subsistence farming for their livlihood ( The district has poor social infrastructure such as health centers, roads and schools. Within the district there are two main roads, one of which is paved. As a result of current schooling conditions, the literacy level in the district is as low as 60%. In Ruhaama specifically, the literacy level is as low as 55% ( The well we are raising funds for will serve those located in places such as Chondo, Katozho, Murami, Kashanda, Chitwe, Rukoni, Chenkoni, and the surrounding areas (

Please pray for the people in these areas, for both their physical and spiritual needs. Also please continue to pray for our team as we continue to raise funds for this much needed well.