Monday, February 16

Please Consider This!

Our team has talked in this blog about why we are helping fund a well, who we're presenting it to, and which communities are going to be forever impacted by it. I think it's apparent that all of us on the team believe deeply in this cause and are excited about the potential opportunity of helping impact lives. But what is your role, and the Church's role? The very idea of asking for money feels awkward to us, and for some reason we want to shy away from it.

We have discussed this in our team meetings and have really come to the conclusion that if this is truly something that the Lord is calling us to do, the Church is the means by which it is going to happen. We want you to see that your gifts are a stepping stone into the lives of these people in Uganda. Your gifts are a way to care for their immediate needs while also preparing to tell them about their spiritual needs. This is the key. We want you to give because you see the need just as clearly as we do.

Consider your calling in this. How can the Lord use you to work with those who are lost in Africa? Would you be willing to come behind us prayerfully and financially as we venture to be the hands and feet of Christ in Uganda? We leave in a few short weeks, and the money for the well is not yet in. Please consider what you can do to help!!!